Amenity Grass Cutting

Left to their own devices, grassed amenity areas can quickly become overgrown. A regular grass cutting schedule can help prevent this happening.

Land Right Services’ specialised grass cutting machinery, including the industry-renowned Ransomes HR300 with Muthing Flail, deals with any areas of excessive grass growth.

Tough Grass Cutting Job

A piece of land, unkempt and overgrown, in sore need of some Landright Services expertise!

land cleared by landright services

Our heavy duty machinery soon made light work of the thistles, nettles, docks and assorted unwelcome invaders, in the process of restoring order to this neglected area.


Scarifying is the removal of the build up of “thatch” from a lawn or larger area of grass, resulting in a firmer lawn that allows the passage of air, nutrients and water easily into it.

Scarified grass
Showing the results of scarification

Ramsomes HR300 with Muthing flail.

Landright Services are pleased to introduce their Ransomes HR300, complete with Muthing Flail. This fantastic machine will cut sports field and the roughest, longest grass and leave a fantastic finish.